Mushroom barley soup.

fullsizeoutput_5071This is the last weekend of February and, while is was warm and sunny a couple of days last week, we are going to have a cold, rainy, dark weekend.  Perfect for a warming soup.

Mushroom barley soup.  A brilliant combination…but with a twist.  I don’t like the heaviness of the traditional beef broth in this soup, so I use chicken broth instead.  Homemade is best but a good quality purchased broth works fine.  If you want to go totally meatless, use a favorite homemade or purchased vegetable broth.

leek (or onion)



First put about a cup of pearled barley into a 2 cups of water.  The water should cover the barley by at least an inch.  The water is to soften the barley and to rinse it.  Often barley can get “slimy” but not if you soak it first.IMG_7518

Next cut up two or three carrots, two ribs of celery, and a leek (a small onion is a fine substitute here).  Saute the vegetables for three to five minutes in about three tablespoons of butter.  Just to get them soft.

Next add about a pound of cleaned and chopped mushrooms.  I remove the stems but really only the hard end of the root needs to be removed.  A variety of mushrooms is great but so is a pound of favorite mushrooms.  This is a great soup to use up all those extra mushrooms sitting in the refrigerator   Stir the vegetables and mushrooms around and let them saute for another minute or so.

Next pour in about 4 cups of broth and then add about 2 cups of water.  Any broth is acceptable.  Beef, chicken, vegetable.  I prefer chicken.  Chicken broth makes a lighter, buttery broth.  It’s all about what flavor is your favorite.

Stir the pot.  Completely.  On medium heat, bring the soup up to a boil.  Then put a lid on it and simmer on a very low setting for 3 to 4 hours.  If you have to leave the soup, leave the lid on, turn the heat off, and turn it on again when you return to it.  Stir it.

About a half hour before serving, taste for salt.  Salt to your preference.

This is a delicious and comforting soup served with a crusty bread and good butter or with a sharp cheddar cheese and crackers or with a favorite cheese melted over that good crusty bread.fullsizeoutput_5072

And, as always, soup is better the next day!  You’ll be warmed for days!



Fish cakes and beans.

My husband hails from New England. Braintree, Massachusetts to be precise.  He was born and raised a good Irish Roman Catholic boy.  Sadly, both of his parents passed away when he was in his early twenties.  He has a small box of photos and a few household things and his memories.

We are now in the season of Lent.  My husband is Roman Catholic.  I am Byzantine Catholic.  My family tradition is to not eat meat quite a few more days than was my husband’s tradition. But not meat on Friday.  That’s how we both were raised.  That’s what we remember.

In an effort to add to my Lenten meatless repertoire I asked my husband what dishes his mother made to feed her five children on Fridays…not just during Lent, but every Friday.

Fish cakes and beans.  The answer was swift and definite.

I used to prepare fish cakes years ago but somehow got out of the habit.  While it is a simple dish there are a number of steps to it.

8 oz. (a cup) of cooked fish….like cod, flounder, salmon.
8 oz. (a cup) of cooked white potatoes.
1 tablespoon dried parsley.
2 tablespoons butter.
3 tablespoons cream or milk.
salt to taste.

1. Steam the fish until flaky. About ten minutes once the water boils.IMG_7570
2. Peel, cut, and boil two medium to large white potatoes.IMG_7564
3.  Flake the steamed fish in a bowl.

4.  Once the potatoes are done so that a sharp knife easily pierces them, but they don’t completely crumble, drain, place in a bowl with butter, dried parsley, and a splash of cream or milk…about 3 tablespoons and smash.  Do not make super smooth mashed potatoes.  Your cakes simply won’t hold any kind of shape if your potatoes are too smooth and soft.

5.  Mix fish with potato mixture.

6.  Shape into patties.
7.  Dip the patties into breadcrumbs or panko.

8.  Melt butter in a frying pan.
9.  Place the fish cakes in the hot pan.

10.  At this point everything is cooked.  Let the patties fry for about 3 or 4 minutes on medium until a crust is formed.  Carefully flip over and crisp the other side for another 3 or four minutes. At this point, if dinner has to hold for a short while, the patties can go in a very low (300 degrees F) oven for 15 minutes or so.  The patties are soft and, even if they don’t stay in their shape…are completely delicious and a warming comfort food.IMG_7590

My husband likes his fish cakes served with baked beans.  He likes a lot of things served with baked beans.  Easy to do.  Easy to please.  I open a can of his favorite brand, squirt in some ketchup and mustard and put them in the oven to bake until they are hot and bubbly (about 30 minutes in a 350 degree Fahrenheit oven).  I put the beans in the oven first…and then make the fish cakes.   But, if you are very pressed for time an open can of beans with ketchup and mustard and a little water heats up just fine in a pot on the stove.
We had this dinner for the first time in a very long time.  The cakes were delicious.  Crispy.  Buttery.  A very nice Friday night dinner for two.

Slow cooker chicken paprikash

My mother made chicken paprikash.  It was always a big deal because the preparation was complicated.  Easy, but complicated.  The cooking time was long.  And getting the dish from pot to table was complex.

I love this dish.  I alternately requested this or stuffed cabbage for my birthday dinner.  Now I alternately make this or stuffed cabbage for my birthday dinner.

My children like this dish as do my grandchildren.  My grandson calls it chicken with sauce.  Which is exactly what it is.

My mother used to make this with a dumpling.  I’ve made it with noodles and I’ve made it with rice.  I’ve even served with with gnocchi.  You can serve it with whatever you like as long as you pour lots of “sauce” on top.

My husband doesn’t like to deal with picking the meat off the chicken so I do that before serving.  It really is a lot easier to put a plate of chicken on the table.  And he enjoys his meal so much more when he can pile his chicken on his plate and pour lots of sauce on top.

So…in order to make this easier all the way around, (and it turns out, lighter in fat than the original).  I adapted my mother’s way of preparing it to a slow cooker.

a whole chicken cut up or your favorite parts (I used a whole breast and three thighs)
1 large onion
paprika (sweet, not hot)
up to a stick of butter
8 ounces of sour cream

1. Rough chop one large onion and spread it on the bottom of the slow cooker.

2.  Place the chicken on top of the onions.  This way neither the onions nor the chicken stick to the bottom of the insert.IMG_7404
3.  Sprinkle paprika on top of the chicken.  Cover it thoroughly.  Sprinkle with salt to taste.

4.  Dot the top of the chicken with butter.  For a whole chicken you can use a whole stick.IMG_7411
5.  Put the lid on the slow cooker.
6.  Set to cook for 8 hours on low.
7.  After eight hours, carefully take the chicken out of the slow cooker.  It will fall apart so be careful and be ready.

8.  Dump the sour cream into the crock pot with the onions and chicken juice.
9.  Blend with an immersion blender until smooth.
(if you want a thicker sauce, take about a 1/2 cup of sauce in a cup or bowl and mix 1/2 to 1 teaspoon corn starch.  When mixed smooth, stir into sauce.

10.  Serve the chicken over rice, noodles, gnocchi,( why you could even serve it over toast!)…generously spoon the magic sauce on top.IMG_7424

An easy spin on a traditional dish.  Simple to throw together.  So delicious and so very comforting!


noodles and cottage cheese


It’s snowing, again.  It is below freezing, again.  I need inner warmth.  I need noodles.

I don’t eat much pasta. Watching those carbs.  But there are times when nothing else will fill that hole.  Nothing else will satisfy.  Noodles please!

My husband has rules about noodles.  Essentially he doesn’t like “flat noodles”.  He likes very thin spaghetti and elbow macaroni.  That’s about it.  I usually oblige but today I craved…I needed…noodles and cottage cheese.  One can only make truly good noodles and cottage cheese with flat egg noodles.  Nothing else will do.


This is a dish that my mother made.  She learned from her mother.  And so on back down the line.  My mother often served this as a side dish.  I did too.  But with so much snow and so much very cold weather this is a perfect lunch by itself. There is something indulgent and satisfying about eating out of a big bowl.  This is also a dish children love.  Love.

A word before the recipe about an ingredient.  My mother made this dish as her mother did with dry curd cottage cheese.  I did too.  Up until a few years ago dry curd cottage cheese was easily found at grocery stores.  Now.  Nowhere.  You can make your own dry curd by dumping cottage cheese into a colander, rinsing it gently with water to get the excess “dairy” off it, and letting it drain for about an hour.  BUT….regular cottage cheese works just fine.  Not light or lite or low fat.  Full fat cottage cheese is required.

Two cups of flat egg noodlesIMG_7381
Large piece of good butter (I use unsalted) …about 3-4 tablespoons
1/2 to 3/4 cup of 4% cottage cheese
Dash of salt to taste

For browned bread crumb topping:
Two tablespoons good butter
3-4 tablespoons bread crumbs

1.  Fill a large saucepan with water and bring to a boil.  (putting a wooden spoon across the pot will keep the pot from boiling over.  It will.  Honest.)IMG_7384
2.  While waiting for the noodles to boil make the browned bread crumbs by melting butter in a mall frying pan.  When the butter is melted drop in the bread crumbs and stir until brown.  Watch the bread crumbs don’t burn…they can go from bland to burned very quickly.

3.  Boil the noodles until they are soft enough to your taste (al dente does not work here).
4.  When noodles are done, drain the water off in a colander.  Put the hot drained noodles back into the hot pot in which they were cooked.
5.  Drop in the butter and cottage cheese and salt.  Allow to start melting (30 seconds to a minute).  Gently stir to mix.

6.  Pour noodle mixture into a serving bowl and top with browned bread crumbs.IMG_7397

Eat!  You’ll feel so warm inside and out! (These are also delicious in the Spring!)

One dish meal…pork chops with apples, leeks, and sweet potatoes

This is a very simple dish that can easily be put together on a day when you’re too tired to cook and you’ll look like a champion!

First, preparing pork chops can be difficult.  Preparing them this way makes them tender and keeps them moist.  The recipe is for two pork chops but you can easily double or triple the amounts as long as you have a big enough dish.  Be sure to choose an oven safe dish with a lid.  All the preparations are done in the same dish.  This is a one dish oven dinner.


2 bone-in pork chops (or bone-in smoked pork chops which I used for this post)IMG_7311

1 leek, cleaned and slicedIMG_7313

2 sweet potatoes, peeled and sliced lengthwiseIMG_7318

2 tart apples, peeled and slicedIMG_7315

1 eight ounce can or box of low salt chicken broth
1 clove of peeled garlic ( or a generous pinch of granulated or powdered dry garlic)


Preheat your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.
1. Choose an oven safe dish with a fitted lid.
2. Place the pork chops in the dish.
3. Place the cleaned and sliced leeks, apples, and sweet potatoes around the chops.

4.  Pour a cup of chicken broth into the dish.  Do not cover the chops with the broth.
5.  Season with salt and dried garlic.  Do not over season.   Remember there is salt in the chicken broth (even in the low salt variety).  If you’re using fresh garlic, peel one clove and place it in the pan alongside the meat. Discard the garlic clove when the or mash it in the sweet potatoes.
6.  Put a sheet of aluminum foil over the dish and then put the lid on the pan.  Scrunch up the foil all around the lid.  You do not want any of the moisture to escape.

7.  Put the lidded dish in the oven.
8.  Bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 90 minutes to 2 hours.  Check for doneness at 90 minutes.  The meat should easily come away from the bone and there should be some liquid left.  If not, put back in the oven, with the lid, for another 15 to 30 minutes.  (If the chops are very thick…an inch or more…bake for 2 1/2 to 2 3/4 hours in a 325 degree oven and add more broth at 90 minutes cooking time).


When the chops are done, put on a serving plate.  (The chops pictured here are smoked…they will be pink…they taste like ham.  Regular, unsmoked chops will be tan/brown when done).

Take the apples out of the baking dish and put in a bowl.  Mash with a fork….applesauce.  Side-dish number one!  IMG_7333

Take the sweet potatoes and leeks and put them in another bowl.  Top with a generous pat of butter and mash with a fork.  Side-dish number two!!  IMG_7332

Spoon the remaining juice from the baking dish over the chops on their serving dish.

Delicious moist pork chops.  Great dish for a fall or winter evening.  Easy!


simply easy roast chicken

977612-Thomas-Keller-Quote-Anyone-can-make-a-good-roast-chickenI’ve been cooking for a very long time.  That having been said, I am always looking for a simple, easy, delicious recipe.  And I am always looking for a better recipe.

I have discovered this simply easy roast chicken recipe.  It’s easy.  It’s simple.  And it always produces a delicious whole roast chicken!

whole thawed chicken.
salt and pepper to taste.

That’s all!

1.  Preheat the oven to 425 degrees Fahrenheit.
2.  While the oven is preheating, DRY THE CHICKEN.  Using paper towels, dry the inside (stuff some paper towels in the cavity) and the outside thoroughly.  I let the bird rest on a pile of paper towels while preheating.
3.  Place the dried chicken in a roasting pan, breast side up.
4.  Tie the legs together.IMG_7300
5.  Sprinkle with salt and pepper to your taste.
6.  Place the pan with the chicken in the oven.
7.  After one hour, turn the oven off.  DO NOT OPEN THE OVEN.
8.  Leave chicken in the oven for one hour.
9.  Take the bird out of the oven and let rest for 15 to 20 minutes.IMG_7304
10.  Serve with pan juices on the side.

And that’s it.  Perfectly crisp skin.  Perfectly juicy meat.  Delicious juices.


Easy…every time.

Christmas fudge.

Christmas is about home and family and memories.  When I was a child I made cookies and treats with my mother.  When I was older I made those same things with my daughters.  Now I am preparing to share pieces of my childhood Christmas with my grandchildren.


One of my most vivid memories is of making fudge.  My mother would fill a bowl with softened cream cheese, some pre-melted baking chocolate from a packet (couldn’t find those in any supermarket now!), and powdered sugar and hand it to my brother and I with a spoon.  Our directions were simple and clear.  Keep stirring until it’s fudge.

Making fudge at Christmas was my least favorite task.  It was difficult.  My arms got tired.  And it took forever!

This year, while looking into my mother’s recipe box, I discovered that the fudge recipe wasn’t there.  How could that be?  My mother passed away over fifteen years ago, but the memory of making fudge remains. As do most of her recipes.  File cards.  Little clippings from newspapers.  Lucky for me there is this thing called the internet.

The recipe used Philadelphia brand cream cheese.  So…the search was easy.

It’s called Philly Fudge.

The ingredients are:

1 eight ounce package of Philadelphia Cream Cheese, softened (just leave it out on the counter for a while).
4 cups powdered sugar.
1 four ounce package of unsweetened chocolate, melted (found in the baking aisle).
1 teaspoon vanilla extract.

The directions are:
1.  Beat the cream cheese in a large bowl WITH A MIXER until creamy.  Then gradually beat in the sugar until blended.

2.  Add remaining ingredients, blend well.

3.  Spread onto the bottom of an 8 inch square pan sprayed lightly with cooking spray.

4.  Refrigerate several hours or until firm.

So in the official directions it says that the PREP TIME IS 15 MINUTES…and the total time, with the chilling time included is 2 hours and 15 minutes.

My fudge came out more of a chocolate brown, the choice/brand of chocolate.  Husband says it’s good.  That’s enough for me.

Use an electric mixer?!  For only 15 minutes?!  What was my mother thinking?

I made the fudge.  In fifteen minutes (plus chilling time).  It’s good.  It’s delicious.  It’s creamy.  And I did ten other useful things with my afternoon.

Mom!  What were you thinking?




fullsizeoutput_4f31I used to make cheese cake all the time.  Thanksgiving.  Christmas.  Random days of the week.  It’s not difficult.  The most arduous thing you have to do is go buy a springform pan.  Unless you already have one.

This recipe started life in a Dear Abby column.  Over the years I have altered a number of things so now I guess it’s mine.

Making the cheesecake is easy.  Waiting for it to chill enough to eat is hard.  But this cheesecake is worth the wait.

You will need an eight or nine inch spring form pan and an electric mixer.


for the crust:
1/3 cup powdered sugar
1 1/2 cups graham cracker crumbs
1/4 pound of butter

Directions:  Mix the graham cracker crumbs and sugar in a bowl.  Melt the butter and add it to the crumb/sugar mixture.  Use a fork.  When all the crumb/sugar is combine with the melted butter, line the bottom of a SPRING FORM PAN with the mixture.  Pack it firmly and be sure to bring it up the side to cover the seam between the pan and the pan bottom.

(I had a difficult time finding graham crackers without high fructose corn syrup.  I found a graham cracker crumb crust in a local organic supermarket.  I simply dumped the crust into the spring form pan and spread it out with my fingers.  It is important, no matter what crust you use, to make sure the seam between the pan and the bottom is covered with the crust.)


for the cake:
1 cup granulated sugar
3 eight ounce blocks of cream cheese (NOT whipped) (at room temperature)
1 teaspoon vanilla
4 eggs (at room temperature)
16 ounces sour cream (at room temperature)

Directions for the batter:
1. Use an electric mixer.
2. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit
3. Put the sugar, vanilla, and eggs into the bowl of the mixer.  Mix on medium speed.

4.  Slowly add chunks of the room temperature cream cheese (about 1/4 of a block at a time) until all the ingredients are blended and smooth.  No lumps of cream cheese should be visible in the batter.

5.  Add the sour cream to the batter.  Blend slowly just until the sour cream is part of the batter.  Do not over mix.  About 30 seconds.

6.  Pour the batter into the springform pan over the graham cracker crust.
7.  Bake in a preheated oven at 350 Fahrenheit for 55 to 60 minutes.  The cake should be lightly browned around the edges.  It will wobble but it should not be liquid.IMG_7130
8.  Take the cake out of the oven and let it cool completely IN THE PAN.  When it is completely cooled, refrigerate at least 8 hours IN THE PAN.  IMG_7135
9.  The cake will crack on the top.
10 Open the spring form and remove it to serve.

Thumbs up!

Be careful…make it once and it will be the only cake you’ll be asked to bake.
Makes 12 servings.



Easy sides for a holiday meal


Every one has their holiday meal traditions.  On Thanksgiving and Christmas my mother always roasted a turkey.  Stuffing and gravy  Sweet potatoes.  Green beans.  Cranberry sauce. Coleslaw.  My mother always made cole slaw with the holiday turkey and with a Sunday roast beef.  Always.  Not sure why she did, but I loved her cole slaw and it wouldn’t be a special dinner for me without it.

Here are three easy, make ahead recipes to include with your holiday dinner.

Cole Slaw

a small head of cabbage (or half a large head)
water (that is on the leaves after you rinse and drain it)
1 teaspoon white wine vinegar
sprinkle of salt (about 1/2 teaspoon)

1.  Slice the cabbage into thin strips, then again crosswise.  Do not use the stem or core of the cabbage.  (You can use a food processor for this but be sure to use the attachment with the large holes).

2.  Rinse the sliced cabbage in a colander with water.  Allow to drain for a few minutes. You want wet cabbage but not too much water.
3.  Put the sliced and rinsed cabbage in a large bowl.  Put in the vinegar and salt.  Stir.IMG_6995
4.  Let the cabbage, vinegar, and salt sit for about 30 minutes.  Stir occasionally.
5.  After the cabbage, vinegar, and salt have marinated together for a while, add the mayonnaise.  Start with a 1/4 cup and mix well.  Add to your taste.  Be sure to taste as you go.  IMG_7007
6.  After you have added the mayonnaise to your liking, serve or chill.  Cole slaw will last 24 hours in a covered dish.

Cranberry Sauce (so easy the children can help!)

1 pound of fresh cranberries (about 3-4 cups)
1/2 cup water
1/2 cup sugar

1.  Rinse the cranberries and pick out any bad ones.
2.  Dump cranberries in a large pot.  Add 1/2 cup water.

Heat on medium until the berries begin to pop.  You will hear them and see them pop!  (about 8 minutes).IMG_7028
3.  Once the berries have started popping, add the 1/2 cup of sugar.

Stir into the simmering berries until the sugar is absorbed.  That’s it!

4.  You can serve the sauce with the berries simply popped or you can mash the sauce with a potato masher or you can blend the sauce with an immersion blender.

5.  Serve hot or cold.  This can be made several days ahead and keeps about a week in the refrigerator.




Fried onions with thyme and balsamic vinegar

6 to 10 onions (a panful)
3 tablespoons unsalted butter
3 tablespoons olive oil
1/2 teaspoon fresh thyme (1/2 teaspoon dried thyme)
1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar

1. Clean and slice 6 to 10 large onions.  Enough to fill a very large frying pan.
2.  Melt butter and olive oil together in the frying pan on medium heat.

3.  Toss in the sliced onions.  Stir them around so the slices are separated.IMG_7049
4.  Allow the onions to slowly cook over medium heat.  Stir frequently.  The onions are going to slowly caramelize.  The key is low and slow.  The process of cooking the onions can take 20 to 30 minutes.

5.  When the onions are done (they should be limp and brownish…not burnt) add the thyme and balsamic vinegar. Stir.

6.  Serve these warm with turkey, chicken, or roast beef.
7.  The cooked onions can be stored for a week in a jar in the refrigerator.  (They make a wonderful and quick start to any fried vegetable dish and a fabulous addition to any hot sandwich.

Holidays are hectic no matter how much planning is done.  These three simple dishes are easy, delicious, and will help make a big dinner even more impressive.

Hint #1:
If you are storing your food in jars…wide mouth jars and wide mouth funnels are very helpful.  You can get them almost anywhere!

Hint #2:
To get rid of the onion smell on your hands (works with garlic too)…wash your hands with soap and touch stainless steel while washing.  Cutlery, pot, the faucet.  I have a little stainless steel “bar of soap”…works like a charm!


Thanksgiving turkeys can be ordered from Springdale Farm.

Cabbage – Savoie Organic Farm, Flaim Farm, Formisano Farm

Cranberries – Springdale Farm, Flaim Farm, Formisano Farm

Onions – Savoie Organic Farm, Flaim Farm, Formisano Farm

Easy meals

There are only three more weeks to the market.  Collingswood Farmers’ Market opens at the beginning of May and closes the Saturday before Thanksgiving.  During that time the market is my supermarket (except for milk and yogurt!).  The farmers offer the best of the season and they make me pay attention as the spring, summer, and fall go by.

Hillacres Pride sells cheese, grass fed and pasture raised beef, pork, lamb, and chicken.  And they sell eggs.  They also sell some interesting and delicious ready to use food.  And you can get their products all year!  They have a winter program.  If you’re not already signed up for it you can do so at the market.  You can get information on their website.

The way the Hillacres Pride winter program works is simple.  You sign up with them.  They send you an email to remind you to place your order and when the pickup is.  (The pickup is where the market is).  You place your order online.  You pick up your order on the pickup date.  Easy!

Hillacres Pride meat order pickup days for this winter are:  Saturday, 9 December 2017; Saturday, 13 January 2018; Saturday, 10 February 2018; Saturday, 10 March 2018; Saturday, 7 April 2018.

Now that school and activities are in full swing, ordering on line and making quick, simple, and nutritious meals is a boon.

We started by making a quick lunch which could easily be dinner with a bowl of soup.  I spread Hillacres Pride fresh cheese with bacon on a slice of Amber Grains sour dough bread, heated it up in the toaster over until the cheese melted.  Delicious!

Hillacres Pride makes a frozen macaroni and cheese from their own cheese.  They make plain and spicy varieties.  The pasta and sauce is packaged in a foil tin with a paper lid.  Completely frozen.  I simply put the frozen pan on a sheet pan and covered it with foil.  The directions are clear and on the lid of the pan.  The macaroni and cheese was creamy and delicious…and I didn’t have tons of pans to wash!  This would be great with a salad for dinner or with burgers or hot dogs (also available from Hillacres Pride).  My husband and I ate it once and had leftovers for twice.

Next up were meatballs.  Again.  Delicious!  These are frozen pork meatballs.  Cook them with some jarred sauce (I used sauce I purchased from Villa Barone’s stand at the market) You can put them on rolls for sandwiches or add to your favorite pasta.  I had dinner on the table in less than twenty minutes!


Hillacres Pride sells a one pound package of the best tasting chipped beef you will ever eat. This is a very fast fix. (Just remember to thaw it!). For this meal I made potato chips and mushroom cheese steaks.  I don’t always like a roll…gets too messy.  So I often fry some bread, in this instance Challah rolls from Wild Flour, and serve the cheese steaks on top.


Ingredients for potato chips:
starchy potatoes
olive oil
coarse Kosher salt

Directions for potato chips:
1.  Preheat the olive oil in the pan to medium high.  Preheat the oven to 375 degrees F.

2.  Peel the potato
3.  Slice the potato in thin disks
4.  Dry the potato slices with a paper towel (very important…do not skip this step)

5.  Place the slices in the pan in a single layer and fry until just starting to turn golden.  About ten minutes, depending on how hot the oil is.
6.  Take the potato slices out of the pan and place on a paper towel to absorb some, but not all, of the oil.

7.  Place the potato slices on a sheet pan in a single layer.  Sprinkle with Kosher coarse salt.  Place the sheet pan in a 375 degree oven for about 15 minutes.
8.  Serve.


Finally….if the week has been way too crazy….there is nothing wrong with and nothing better than a quick dinner of peanut butter and jelly or a scrambled egg followed by a huge bowl of freshly popped popcorn (from DanLynn Organic Farm) and a great movie!  In PJs, of course!


Hillacres Pride – macaroni & cheese, fresh cheese with bacon, chipped steak, meatballs (available all year!)
Savoie Organic – Kennebec potatoes
DanLynn Organic – popping corn
Villa Barone – tomato and Vodka sauce, olive oil
Amber Grains – sourdough bread
Wild Flour – Challah rolls
Mushrooms – Davidson’s